Frequently asked questions

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1. How often and for how long should I use ablsepine?
Everyone’s body can respond differently to using the ablespine, but daily stretching for 5-10 minutes is great. I tell our clients, that anything is better than nothing. Even several minutes a day can have a considerable effect on reducing tension and aches and also help to maintain great posture.

2. When should I use ablespine?

The two most optimum times to use ablespine are before you exercise to stimulate blood flow to postural muscles and mobility in your spine. It’s also great for recovery after a heavy workout or a long stressfull day. Ablespine allows your spine to relax, realign and recover.


3. What makes the design of ablespine so much better than others?


 Generic foam rollers

  1. Laying directly on a generic foam roller puts too much force directly on the spinous processes of the thoracic spine.
  2. Generic rollers provide a small surface area to lay on which can be painful to your spine.
  3. Generic rollers hyperextend and overstretch the thoracic spine, leading to micro-trauma and injury.
  4. Generic rolling action provides very minimal stability for stretching the spine.


  1. ablespine’s unique design provides a longitudinal channel for your spine. It's elevated nodules stimulate a healthier circulation to postural muscles.
  2. ablespine provides an enormous, wrap-around surface area to lay on, increasing range of motion, safely supporting and minimizing injury
  3. Elevated nodules on ablespine provide traction and extension through the spine, facilitating spinal alignment.
  4. Laying directly on ablespine you relax, realign and recover with a static application and with minimal 
4. Is it normal to feel any pain when using the ablespine? 
Stretching a tight area in your spine for the first time can surface some initial discomfort. We recommend the “relaxation posture” for 5- 10minutes to start with (link in exercises). This posture can help reduce aches and pains so that you can progress to some of the more dynamic exercises. If any discomfort continues whilst using ablespine we recommend that you consult with your Chiropractor or physician for more advice.
5. How long do I need to use the ablespine before I notice results?
You will notice results the first time you use it. Tight muscles will loosen and flexibility will improve immediately afterwards. Applying traction and extension to your upper back also helps your nervous system come out of a fight and flight state (sympathetic dominance) so your body can recover and heal quicker.  Longer term use helps reduce tension and improve and maintain great posture.